Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Transportation Tips

So I was thinking about my previous post on the subways. Without a doubt the most frustrating thing about living or visiting New York City is getting from point A to point B. If you confine your travels to the midtown/Times Square/Rockefeller Center/Theatre District area you'll have no problems. But you do want to see more of New York City than just that, right?


OK, so you're on the West Side, say at 8th Avenue and 48th Street, it's dinnertime and you want to try that great restaurant you read about on First Avenue. So you hail a cab.


A great man once said that the only way to get across town in Manhattan at rush hour is to be born there. He was right. Now you may be one of the lucky ones that zips across town unimpeded by tunnel traffic at both sides of the island but that's pretty rare. More likely you'll watch the cab fare roll over more times than your dog begging for a tummy rub while you sit stalled in traffic listening to your driver talk on his cell phone in Urdu.

Now I think the subway system in New York City is great. But they created precious few options when it comes to getting from one side of Manhattan to the other. Particularly if you're above 50th Street. So here's what you do:

If you're on the West Side near 5oth Street grab the E train towards Queens. You can take that as far east as Lexington Avenue at 53rd Street.

If you're closer to 42nd Street take the Shuttle or the #7 train to Grand Central, also Lexington which is as far east as any subway will take you.

Above 50th Street your only options are crosstown buses at 57th, 66th, 72nd and 81st Streets.

Once you get off the subway (going either way) you'll probably have to walk some but hey, it's New York City. We all walk here. It's why we're so healthy even if we never do sleep.

As always check your bus and subway maps before you go and when in doubt, ask.

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