Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good Eats


Def: How a New Yorker asks another New Yorker if they would like to go have a meal. Short for: "Did you eat?" Pronounced: "Jeet?"

The proper response to "Djeet?" is always: "I could eat."

There are approximately 17,000 restaurants in Manhattan. Every now and then I'll be making a recommendation. The restaurants I tell you about will always be places I've personally eaten at more than once, will probably be away from the usual tourist centers in the city (giving you an excuse to go see neighborhoods the usual tourist doesn't go to) and will not be throwing me free meals anytime soon. Every New York City tour book will tell you about Bubba Gump's, John's Pizzeria, the Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood. Go there if you must but once inside I dare you to tell me what city you're in. And if you eat at McDonald's you will definitely make me cry.

So, if you like Thai food then head uptown to Sura on the Upper West Side. This new restaurant has excellent food, an attentive staff and an elegent decor. And it's very reasonably priced. Two people can easily eat a fine meal there for around $40. As of this writing they have a coupon for a free appetizer. Ask for it when you get there. Plus, and this is big, Sura has resisted the usual trend of blasting idiotically loud music into the dining area. You can actually converse with your dinner companion. Check it out.

Thai Urban Kitchen
2656 Broadway (101st Street)
Open until 10:45 during the week, 11:30 on weekends
No reservation necessary
#1 train to 103rd Street

Nearby - Columbia University, Riverside Park.

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